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The secret life of plants

All of these images are taken with auto-fluorescent plant samples, unstained and imaged with a fluorescent scope.   Advertisements

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Flourescence Microscopy

Mouse Embryonic Fibroblast Cells

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Light Microscopy

These images are mostly of sectioned tissue samples, differentially stained for certain tissues and cell types. It’s amazing how beautiful an artery, your hair follicles and a tongue could be

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X-ray Tomography

These images are taken from 3D reconstructions done in VG Studio Max 2.0. The specimens were stained and then imaged via Xray Micro CT on an Xradia 400.

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These images are all of a weevil in the Curculionoidae family of the genus Melanterius. All samples were collected in Australia and imaged via SEM.

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This insect was found in Queensland, while searching for weevils. It is most likely a member of the Membracidae family due to the presence of “horns” This is a hand-colored … Continue reading

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